Jason Cyr is a self-taught visual artist from Winnipeg, currently living in Brackendale, BC.

Jason works in oil, encaustic, and watercolor to create landscapes that invite the viewer to interpret what they are seeing based on their own experiences. The artist’s work is very organic and free in nature and boasts very strong color, and composition. His work is often described as atmospheric.

“One day I realized I didn’t have to create like everyone else. It didn’t matter if things looked like others thought they should, or if they even liked them. What did matter was that I was expressing what I had to say in a way that made sense to me. Shape, color, texture and space make sense to me, they create, or recreate a mood as much as an image.”

“Taking cues from the likes of Thomson, Monet, and even Pollock, and Riopelle I attempt to put forth a moment in time, rather than an entirely literal representation of some physical space.”