Sol Maya, a Native American of Mayan ancestry, was studying ceramics, sculpting and print making at Santa Barbara City College in California back in 1980. Between classes he’d watch the glass blowers working the glass. The more he watched, the more he fell in love with the art form. The spontaneity of working with glass intrigued him. He started spending more time in the studio, until one day he tried his hand at it, and he’s never looked back. Sol eventually became responsible for the running of the glass studio at the college, a position he held for several years. Active in the local Santa Barbara art scene, Sol founded “Art for Life”, an annual event involving as many as 250 local artists.

Sol Moved to Vancouver in 1992. He worked for several years with David New Small (who Sol has great respect for) at New Small & Sterling Glass Studio on Granville island in Vancouver, before building his own studio, Solart Glass Studio, in West Vancouver in 2002. Sol’s inspiration comes from many sources. His Native American spirituality, his love of surfing the ocean waves and his natural interest in space and the stars inherited from his Mayan ancestors, are all reflected in his work.