Peter Lawson


Peter Lawson was born in Vernon, B.C. in 1950. His family moved to Vancouver Island shortly afterwards and settled in Victoria B.C., where Peter continued to live and work for over 50 years, before moving (30 minutes north) to Shawnigan Lake in 2003.

A graduate of the Kootenay School of Art in 1972, Peter received formal training in both commercial and fine art. Upon his return to Victoria and over a 30 year career with design studios and advertising agencies, Peter held a number of key positions in creative and client services. “I’ve always been involved in the creative process… but during those agency days it was generally to benefit other people. Now, while creating original art I’m finally able to completely satisfy my own requirements.”

Living at the lake and completely surrounded by forested land, Peter enjoys the perfect environment to work at his methodical style of painting. His technique of layering colours and altering traditional perspectives gives his work an unusual, almost “primitive” quality.

Inspired by the Impressionists, Canada’s Group of Seven and E.J. Hughes, Peter’s passion for nature is reflected through his unique, intimate glimpses of our natural world and his control of colour, light and texture. His original paintings and limited edition glicee reproductions have attracted the interest of serious collectors and continue to appeal to an ever-increasing audience.

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