I am my truest self when I am creating art.
It is one of the most organic and fulfilling outlets I have to express
myself. At times, the urge to create is so strong, it feels overwhelming.
I love the process of creating. From the emerging idea to the
completed work. It is all fascinating to me. It is an incredible gift to
take something from nothing and morph it into a form that evokes a
feeling, portrays an idea or spurs a thought. What could be better than
My greatest influence is nature. In nature, I see art everywhere. The
balance of light, space and perfect elemental shapes. I love to capture
that raw perfection. The truest form of abstract art to me is a dense
forest juxtapose against a jagged mountain peak or the solid wood of a
tree trunk. Opposites, yet both perfect. Part of the same system.
I enjoy the freedom to express my ideas and not be bound by other
peoples thoughts. Nobody tells me what to put on the canvas and that
is what makes it the ultimate free form of expression. I want others to
see the natural perfection of the world through my art.
My style may be an amalgamation of other artists but my choice of
subject matter and the story behind each piece is what makes my art
unique. – Anders Petersen
To view Anders creating “Stumps at Jones Lake” follow this link: