We are all born to create, but some of us are also born to be an artist. I can instantly fuse with the four year old body of myself and be yet again transfixed with the colours of my finger painting, only ripped from my focus by the jet plane flying low overhead….But when I first started creating is inconsequential. The fact that I am creating now is all that is important to me. And it hasn’t been a constant “Now”. I have lived many experiences, deepened with sorrow, expanded with joy, but as a result, with each step forward, I bring a new colour of life emotion to my palette…..Because I know that everything that I am infuses into the canvas, as if a piece of my spirit melds with the paint, reaching out to the spirit of whatever I paint….And perhaps that spirit reaches back.

There are so many great artists in this gallery, in this town, in this country, on this planet. I am one of many artists..and perhaps like many artists , I want the person that buys my art to know that I create with respect, I create with love, I create with a sense of reaching out to the spirit of the one I paint, whether it be a person, an animal, a tree, or the waters that grace this planet. And as I paint, I am always challenged and energized by how much I have yet to learn, and , am positively aware that my best painting is always, yet to come. Like the best of life.