Vicki was born in 1968 in Vancouver, B.C. She currently lives and works full time from her studio in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver. She graduated in 1990 after studying for four years at Emily Carr College of Art and Design and spent a year attaining a post graduate degree from Cyprus College of Art in Lemba, Cyprus.

She paints images that speak to the power and majesty of the west coast. Her choice of subjects reflects the environment she has interacted with all her life.

“I am fascinated by the relationships that exist between every element in nature. It seems that we are constantly discovering greater depths to which everything is integrated. There is a natural intelligence to the way the universe unfolds, evolves and collapses. I wish to honor that wisdom which is inherent to everything. Water captures my attention with its transformative qualities that mesmerize me. Clusters of water molecules fall from the sky to nourish the plants and animals. Greater accumulations of water become streams and rivers that flow around obstacles and carving their marks into the land in the search to unite with the sea . Each molecule will eventually evaporate and return to the sky to begin a new cycle.”

“The challenge is to translate the constant flux of life into paint. This process requires me to remain in the present moment. I must relinquish my expectations and judgments to discover the truth and essence of my subject.”