Wayne Leidenfrost’s impressionistic style brings the canvas alive with colour and movement. Large open fields abundant with a variety of flowers capture the essence of bright sunny days; while tranquil pond scenes depicting waterlilies and softly moving water are reminiscent of Monet. He began to paint at age 12 and, exhilarated, he continued and built up his skill. He has always been thankful for the presence of creativity in his life, and, although he has never fully understood it, he has always found it fascinating and mysterious.

He is an artist full of energy and passion. A photojournalist by trade, he is used to working in a rectangular black and white format. Painting allows him to use a bright, vibrant colour palette and add movement to a scene. Wayne is a resident of North Vancouver, BC.

“Everybody looks at my work and says” it is so peaceful,” but it is the subject, the garden, that is peaceful. The brushstrokes aren’t peaceful – on a bad day, I can paint with such huge, angry strokes that I knock the brush out of my hand.”