Feral Nifty


Feral Nifty has never lost interest in the human form. It’s adaptability and vulnerability are endlessly intriguing. The wordless communication that happens with the tilt of a head or the crook of a finger, is like visual poetry and She is forever wanting to capture the emotions that come from our involuntary gestures.

When She work, She employ modern materials such as heated plastics, oil based clay, epoxies and glues, handled with traditional sculptural methods to bring a unique texture and movement to each figure. Weight and balance are also primary curiosities and she desires to find gravity in all her concepts.

Through the marriage of organic and geometric forms Feral wishes to invite the viewer to suspend disbelief and project his/her own ideas and emotions onto the work. The tension and struggles illustrated by each piece will resonate in a myriad of ways becoming a platform for the viewer to awaken ideas and bring them into conversation.


Suzy Arbor

Kevin Arnold

Karen Bagayawa
Josefa Fritz Barham
Mark Berens
Mary-Jean Butler
Todd Clark
Kelly Corbett
Vicki English
Lisa Geddes
Victor Goertz
Lori Goldberg
Warren Goodman
Taralee Guild
Gary Haggquist

Diane Hanna

Cathy High
Jeff Holmwood
Tammie Hunter
Marilyn Hurst
Burns Jennings
Jenny Keith
Kandice Keith
Patrick Leach
Wayne Leidenfrost
Lloyd Major
Gloria Masse

Heidi Mattson

David McColm

Lori Meeboer

Bruce Muir

Christina Nick
Feral Nifty
Dianne Ostoich
Anders Petersen

Ben Poechman

Tracy Proctor
Kris Robinson
Dieter Schlatter
Peggy Stel
Lorraine Surcouf
DonnaJane Tarazona
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Helen Utsal

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