Tammie Hunter


Tammie is a self taught artist from Vancouver Island who was inspired to follower her passion after working at the Comox Valley Art Gallery. In her own words Tammie says “I have always enjoyed ‘doing art’ but after spending so long being surrounded by so many talented artists and their work, I was inspired to use my own creativity and talent to put art on my walls.” The next step on this new career path was to feed her enthusiam by taking part of an art class offered by Pauline Conley.

Armed with her newly found knowledge and confidence Tammie streched a 40″x50″ canvas over a frame her husband made for her, and started to work on her first piece. This then lead Tammie into a series of landscapes and her first artwork being hung at Joe Read cafe in Courtenay.  “Encouraged by Pauline, my friends, and family and a few sales I joined the Comox Valley Arts Council and put a few pieces in a group show, followed later that year by my first solo show titled New Horizons, at the Muir Gallery.”

“Although I love painting landscapes my inner wild child was itching to be represented in my work as well. I started experimenting with abstract art and came up with the colourful and crazy Movement and Light series. I enjoyed further success, and critical acclaim, when I entered two pieces in the SASS’e Art Show and Sale in Duncan. One of my pieces was given an Award of Honour. Wow, my self esteem really got a boost with that!”

“I love nothing better than standing back and looking at what I have accomplished and feeling pride in my work, the joy of truly being pleased with what I have created. My pieces also bring joy to the people who purchase my art and that makes me feel even better.”

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